Friday, June 12, 2015


well I met my goal very nicely :) I succeeded in getting my car! its 1999 maroon ford contour. everything works besides the driver side window that gets stuck and I need to fix gas gauge, but other than that it's a beauty. The other night, Jacob, Clayton (Jacob's cousin) and I all went to Joplin to go see spy. GAWD! I highly recommend going to go see that hilarious movie! Jacob is officially my GPS when going to places, especially at night because its more difficult for me to see at night. My car is also not a gas guzzler.

Monday I plan on putting my application in at Butterball. I already have my foot in the door because Jacob has talked to his supervisors and employees there about me. It starts at 11 something, which is awesome! After 60 days I get a pay raise and full dental, health, and vision. Once full time comes about I have decided to look for places to stay. Jacob and I have talked about it....he is a bit scared to be on his own, but we are ready to move out of our parents house. We are ready to start our lives together. This weekend we are watching over Jacob's brother's house. EAK! I'm excited!

I would tell you about the whole driving devils road three times, but that's for me to keep as my own sweet memory with the thrill of spookiness. Eventually after all my adventures and I settle down at my own place I will sit down and write it all down. For now I will give you a frustrating cliff hanger, like off of The Flash.

 P.S The Flash, A.K.A Grant Gustin....hehehe ;) one of these days I will meet you and Christian Bale!

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