Monday, June 15, 2015

Money Whispers

For a while it will be stressful for both Jacob and I. Today I received a billing statement saying if I don't contact them in 30 days I would have to pay the full amount of 1200 something and I would be brought to court. Jacob found it absurd for them to take me to court. I only work part time, get paid every two weeks, and I make a 8.75 and hour. I don't make nearly enough to pay everything. I finally got the other doctor bill paid off. Finally, to say I have to pay insurance, phone bill, get my tags, get inspection on car, and whatever on sales taxes. To say I haven't even moved out yet and adult life has hit me hard. Thanks to Jacob though he has helped pay for many things.

Jacob and I was at Sonic talking about my bills. My frustration and red face was all needed for Jacob to kiss me while giving me a long hug. I was at breaking point, but with his embrace and millions of tiny kisses it eased all my worries. We ordered our food wishing our great buddy Draco would serve us. Oh well!

I feel this all will be a set back on moving out. I know I don't want to push the issue on Jacob, but just talk things out to see what best fits or what we come up with. Just ideas in general would be nice. I haven't got the courage to fully ask him yet. When I mentioned it to him earlier today he would be worried about moving out. I wouldn't blame him with my situation and our friends' situation.

Now for some positive side to things! Yesterday, was Jacob and mines ninth month together! It's almost a whole year being with an amazing best friend I love so dearly. He truly has helped in any way possible. Weather it be not wanting to see me cry or the simple fact of brightening my day. I don't know what I would do if he wasn't in my life....yes he can be a pain in my ass sometimes, but I love him so much. When my mom gives me those "Your not worthy" speeches Jacob is there to comfort me. When some punk ass kid decides to punch me in the face Jacob...well saying it nicely is wanting kid to disappear for doing such a thing to me. Its adorable and love how he gets even flustered over the thought of a guy approaching me wanting to flirt.

Saturday night was the most amazing night of my life! Jacob and I spent the night at a motel with an amazing swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Our Sweet was amazing! King size bed, flat screen tv, a couch, desk, table, two night stands, fancy bathroom, and free wifi with amazing HBO channel! After swimming I ended up falling asleep. Jacob laying next to me decides to poke my nose to wake me up....I swear he can be a pain sometimes lol TWICE he wakes me up. The little turd :) anime all night sounds good to me. Sleeping next to the goober had me feel safe and warm. To be honest I prefer if he could sleep by me every night, for the fact if I have nightmare he can make them go away some how. Also it's easier for me to fall sleep with him.

That night had me in the clouds, but now I must bring back reality. Time for me to go to bed because this day has given me a tiresome headache.

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