Thursday, May 21, 2015

2015 Graduation Twist!

Class of 2015 in lines of blue from A-Z with some girls wearing ridicules shoes. I'm chatting away with my computer geek Loyde and country boy Trever about cars and how excited we are to finally graduate. As I make my way forward, the crowds' cheers and many flashes had me feel excited and proud. I can see my parents, my older sisters, younger sister, and Aunt Cookie up in the risers waving and smiling with glee. My nerves were on over drive of happiness. This will be the day to remember. Each row inching their way closer to grabbing their diplomas. Finally came my row, which was third to last. I searched for my Beloved knowing he probably got lost in the crowd. I knew he had to be late because of work. Once my name was called over the microphone everything faded into a fog of slow motion. My friends and family there yelling at the top of their lungs for me.

"Don't cry. Don't cry. You got this. Don't cry," I repeated in my head.

The blue caps were thrown in the air while my family made there way down the stairs. Many warm hugs were given to me that night. I ended up crying anyways but what it was all worth I say let the rain fall! I finally reunited with my older brother Zackery who I haven't seen since I moved to Carthage when I was eight years old. Jacob in his oh delicious tux...shhh its our little secret that I find him so Handsome and Hot in his tux....which he also looks badass with the crossbone necklace tucked into his tie. Not to mention the fluctuous curls batting his hazel eyes with a hint of grey.

We all ended up gathering at my sister's home for cake and ice cream. Finding out Zackery is a part time truck driver, very good with that computer stuff, and ran his own t-shirt business. When I got home his card that he gave me smelled like Romance and The Stone. That place fits him very well of how he dressed and looked. Speaking of graduation gifts, all money I received is going toward my car! well since I'm a official DRIVER! lol one of these days I will learn how to drive a stick of these days.

All the busy stuff out of the way I have been relaxing a while. Sleeping in until noon sounds nice for a change, but not for long. I know this weekend I'm working morning shifts...woooo...not, but hey its money going towards a car and soon to be apartment. Fuck living at home! Sure I would miss little sis even when she is being a total bitch at times and my dad I would miss greatly. welp not sure what to say about my step mom. That will be a story another day. Jacob is helping me with all of this and...moving in together :) eventually. First step a car. Then apartment. Also I plan on getting better job of better pay, health, dental, and vision. Finally I will find out what is so wrong with my back and get pain medicine for it, and also be able to get braces.

Now....for the nightmares part....They have become so a lucid. I feel as if they tell me stories. Space ships and flying cars. Yes, Yes, movies right? no, you are all very wrong. I would try and describe it to you but no fucking way am I actually able to unless they have invented technology that can go back into my dreams and let others watch on screen tv. Creepy alien creatures, in human disguise. Some how my older brother and his wife had a baby with several heads. very creepy. I went crazy hoping I wouldn't become brain washed as those of my friends and family who got stuck at that place. There were several nightmares of future places with and with out Jacob. The money almost purl
like but not and paper money with no pictures on it. It all glowed this blue color. Also it frightens me of knowing the fear of never seeing Jacob again. Many things become valuable on the brink of loosing it all. Not to mention this weird time lapse thing. I may of been in a world for months or days but back home perhaps an hour or two. I know some may not understand...even my dream self told me that. What has all been happening lately...I'm not going to be surprise if something mysterious or major happens to any of us. Just kind of a for warning all of you.

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