Monday, January 27, 2014

The Uknown Chapter 1

Here is my chapter one! enjoy!
Chapter 1
The faint breeze chills my bare skin. My long, golden, brown, hair tickles my nose and back. A floating sensation made my stomach twist and turn. I grinded my teeth to keep the pain subdued as it washed over me in waves. My hazel eyes flutter open to a gruesome site. My strength that I normally had shrunk with the fear overbearing on my shoulders.
Buildings collapsing because the flames consume them. Ashes descend to the scarlet ground like snow flakes. Smothering smoke collects around the fallen debri. Screams and cries echo off of the remaining skyscrapers. At the top of a hill stood a man whose posture arose tall and victorious. His long, straight, hair sticks to his white lab coat that went to his ankles.
A twinkle in his crystal blue eyes spoke, “Isabella, this world is mine, I created this beautiful disaster, and now it’s time for you to depart from your securities to join me. Join me!”
I wanted to scream, to move, to do anything besides being here at this wretched place.The balls of my heels seemed to be glued to the hot cement.
“Join me Isabella, or your friends and family will perish along with you!” The man demanded
Move Damit Move!
The Earth suddenly opened underneath me. I was rapidly falling into a dark abyss of nothing. My hands tried to grasp onto anything that would keep me from splattering on whatever I was going to land on. A warm rush of air stung my face and popped my ears. Bright lights flashed over my eyes causing me to put my forearm over them. Soon as the lights dimmed, black, tall silhouettes came into view.  
Many voices put in one speaks its way in my head, “Isabella, we know all of this frightens you, but you must listen to us. Man kind is corrupted by their ignorance and stupidity. I am partially to blame ourselves for creating part of the chaos. You are the chosen one to vanquish such tragedy.”   
“Why me? Who are you people? And who the hell is that monster I saw earlier?” Finally regaining my outburst.
“All do in time, you will figure out those valuable questions you seek.”
Those last few words pounds in my mind as I gasp for air. My whole body covered in cold sweats. The sun shines through the blinds making a dusty haze. I always hated those weird nightmares where I ended up having those “Shadow People” show up. I named them that after their first attempt in my dreams as a young child. Just last week I turned 19, only to have my birthday be short lived with friends and older brother, Joseph, Hawnkin.
I toss aside my violette, cotton, quilt and thin layer of sheets. The cold wooden floors sent chills through my bare feet to my sore muscles from being a curled up ball when I was asleep. Glancing over at a identical twin size bed and matching covers to see they were neatly placed back on the bed. Camille Hathaway, my best friend since birth, was always a neat freak.
Walking into the dim hallways as voices carried its way softly to my ears. My night gown tickled my ankles while it swished every step I take.  Looking into a mirror right now would probably be horrifying because my hair is in a tangle of curls and my freckles would scream “hello”. Everyone tends to adore my freckles, but me, on the other hand despises them.  
Camille sits on a faded brown couch with her legs propped up on coffee table. She wears a yellow and white dress that skims her knees as she  chiseled at her nails with a nail filer. Lupin Skyhawk and Joseph stand around the a blue, marble, counter that separates the living room and kitchen. Lupin wears a white, beater protruding his muscles and dark complected skin. His shoulder length copper hair nicely pulled back in a ponytail. Lupin has always been there for Joseph and I when our parents died as we were children. Joseph’s grey beater torn here and there a bit showing his lean body. Joseph’s auburn hair sways into his deep azure eyes. Both twenty year old men pulling off grey sweat pants.
“You okay Isabella? You look like you just seen a ghost.”  
“I’m fine, Lupin. Thank you for asking. I just had another horrid nightmare.”
“Ya know, Isabella you could take some of my extremely awesome sleeping pills. They normally knock me out in minutes and I dream bout happy little things.” Camille states without looking at me.
“um, no. I don’t want to self medicate myself. Plus I have a feeling that would cause my nightmares to worsen.” I said rolling my eyes.
I sat next to Lupin on a steel stool making my butt cold. Joseph glared at me as I jerk the cereal box of captain crunch out of  his hands. My grin spread across my flushed cheeks. Lupin chuckled at our sibling rivalry.
“soo, Joseph how’s that whole crush with Camille going?”
“Isabella, shut up now!” Joseph growled.
Camille looked up wide eyed, but knowing he has always had a crush on her. Camille loved to tease my brother, but always fails because when he is under pressure or any emotion whatsoever escapes towards her, he collapses into complete ignorant, asshole, spitting knowledge at us all.
At first it started as a soft humming, but turned into a loud blaring siren. Panic hit us all as we scattered to our rooms to clean our appearance. Voids, or Septimus’s robotic soldiers, has come to expect us poor to take as his cruel experiments. The wealthy and government officials have shuttled themselves on planet Mars. Septimus ranes Earth with his iron fists.
My hands fumble to put on my long, crispy, orange dress. Camille applies her makeup quickly while I slip on black flats and braid my hair back. Normally my repulsion for dresses is brought on with tight jeans and lovely shirt, but Voids require us women to wear dresses. The men have to wear their best attire too.
Camille and I met the guys in the front room. Both Joseph and Lupin had a button up, long sleeve shirt with black slacks. Lupin ruffles his hair a bit to get the ponytail crease out. We all sat on the couch nervous; ready to take on a Void if it were to ever take one of us. Camille daps at her wet cheeks. She was usually the weakest out of us to break down and go on a full blown panic attack.
“Camille it be okay. I nor any of the boys will let the Voids take you away from us.” I comforted Camille by putting my hand on hers.
Three intense knocks had me sit up straighter. I’m glad I stashed a laser gun in the seams of my panties. If any of those Voids touch any of my friends or brother wrong I will put a hole in their mechanical heads. Voids enter with full set of white and black armor. Black slits looks upon us as their next meal to dig into.
Not over my dead body you soulless monsters.           

Just so you readers know this is only a rough draft and I plan on revising it by the time I'm done with my entire book. Me being me ended up writing how it ended so now I'm writing of how it began. silly me :p

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