Sunday, February 9, 2014

Life as an Author!

Had a blast when bestie, @MaddiC123   came over last night. We partied until our eye lids drooped in the darkness. We watched "This is the End" and "Bad Grandpa" both epic, funny movies that I highly recommend watching. Then this morning after scarfing down some breakfast pizza Bestie helped dye my hair a darker brown. Thank you!!

Setting up interviews, and getting word out for my book has it's ups and downs. I'm currently working on the middle, which is all I really have left. Then once I'm done I will start editing and formatting this bad boy! Woot Woot!! I love building on the relationship between Lupin and Isabella because they have been best friends since a tragic accident with her parents and Lupin was there to protect Isabella. Sure her brother, Joseph, was there to keep Isabella safe too, but it doesn't compare to how exhilarating the tension between the two friends become through out my book. *Hint* there will be some pretty hot and heavy scenes with Lupin and Isabella.

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