Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Smash'n with The Doctor

To a weekend full of Bestie time and wacky girls annoying me. Bestie and I got to see the Doctor!!! AHH!! can you believe that???? I CAN!! Thank you to my Bestie, Madeline Courtney, not only did she get a wonderful birthday wish, but she gave me one too. That night spent ghost hunting in Bestie's woods with her sister's friends and her sister's boyfriend. The fear iced my veins, but urged me on to keep moving forward. My wicket cackle made a good portion of the group to go running back toward the house. I had to lol

I made a better beginning of my book The Knowing. criticism on your book is always best when you first type it up.  It helps to open your eyes and make the book twice as amazing. Thank you Amy Good for helping me out :) I greatly appreciate the help. Bestie has read anything of mine since the fifth grade. :) If I need opinion on something I always go to her for the advice.

Bye! P.S, We really didn't get to see the Doctor....We wish though :(

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