Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Tree of Life

My niece, nephew, mom, and I all sat in our white mash mellow Chevy Aveo car, parked behind a pale white Cadillac. We were all out on our errands before the big winter storm hit our growing town. A dark complected man wobbled to our car when all my sense went into high gear. My mom and I quickly locked the other doors while the man tried opening up the passenger door. The thought that occurred in my head was I would grab my mom's coffee mug only to beat the guy in the head several times if he got into the car. The man soon realized it wasn't his car and was saying sorry. My older sister came back and was telling us the man was saying hi and other words that my sister had no understanding of. Right after that the man comes out waving his brown hand at us and the other hand held a twelve pack of Miller Light.

Adventures and experiences like the one above help with coming up with extravagant story lines, characters, and scenes in my books and short stories. I'm not the type of girl to just sit around being a bum, but I'm the type who explores new discoveries to plot out my next big move in my paper to pencil ratio. To better understand your surroundings and characters' personality is to truly understand what they feel. Which in this case makes me a bloody brilliant author if you may ask. Normally it takes a lot of time and patients out of me. Sometimes I sorely lack both of those qualities, for I'm either up and about doing something or someone needs me. I will put forth the effort in making books and stories...heck I even go for simple poetry.


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