Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Dancing With The Stars

Hey, guys! I'm going to put up a story idea up here to see what y'all think. I hope you enjoy it. I want all the feed back as I can :) story ideas, pros, cons, and any thing you can think of to improve the story. Here you guys go:

Nova blare, a young brilliant woman lost in a world of chaos and sorrows, is just now starting to blossom into a warrior. Soon she will have a guardian bound to keep her alive for the soul purpose of her unique ability to see into the future. Ever since she was little Nova was hunted down to use as a
weapon. In this unfortunate matter Nova's parents were brutally murdered in front her as a child. An old man, Edric, took Nova under his wing. Edric didn't allow Nova to dabber into any Zinf warrior training, but does teach her how to control her dream walking.

Zinfs have always been the guardians of the Earthlings. They protect them from the bad creatures whose pour soul got devoured by the darkness. The protection is also to keep the Devourers from slaughtering the Earthlings by the billions.

 One particular person, Lavinia, The leader of the Devourers, wants to take over the Earthlings and Zinfs. She is cruel person destroying anything that gets in her way to possessing Nova. Her right hand man, Xander, is willing to do anything to please his master. So Xander is on a hunt to slave Nova, but will he fall for her caring and brilliant nature? Will her guardian be able to protect her?

Chapter 1
My long, dark, amber hair tickles my round nose. The navy, blue dress I wore sways with the blissful breeze passing by. Normally I always go barefoot around in the peaceful woods, but for today it is a bit chilly. Looking down on my minuscule hands, the thoughts of scarlet blood oozed on the tile floor.
Glancing over I witness a small winged creature floating in the air. Multiple of colors glows around it. I squint my green eyes only to notice for a split second they were Nightmares. My world fades into darkness. Peaking from under the curtain sink my mothers and fathers pale, bloody body lay on the kitchen floor lifeless. Massive, red, skinned men with horns, threw things everywhere. They searched every inch. The gross aroma had me gag, but soon as they heard me I was lurched forward onto my cold parents. Tears fell upon my flushed checks. The Large hand arose to strike down upon me, but before any pain could have been inflicted at the back door busted open. I shut my eyes tight with trembling terror.

Ringing in my ears had my world become dizzy. I felt the thuds as each Devourer hit the floor. I can't take this! Please make it stop! I finally gazed down at my wet bloody hands. This is my fault....why? Why couldn't they have killed me instead?

"Nova! Nova! Nova wake up!" A deep raspy voice yells.

I blink several times to get my vision back into view. The ugly Nightmares scatter about in their own pool of blood. When their illusionist powers were gone you can see that their brown, wrinkly skin held lack of color. The one eye they have glazes over of white.

"Nova, you okay?" Danar, my guardian, asks in concern.

"I...I...No I'm not." I cry out as I hug his muscular chest.

For my height I come to his chest. Danar's chiseled arms and legs built to take on hordes of enemies to protect me from all evil. I wrap my arms around him in the comfort of his warmth. Sobs and snot seep onto Danars raggedy grey t-shirt. Danar for some ungodly reason still decides to wear ripped jeans. My grip tightens when he tries to pry me from himself.

"Nova, we must go back home now. The Nightmares were in Zinf territory, which is of concern for our people and you. I will carry you on my back if I need to." Danar states sternly.

I wipe my face on my arm before speaking, "No. I will walk on my own. I may cry, but I'm not a child."

Danar gives me a smirk as we start to head back to town and said, "Nova, sometimes you are a child...with your height and all."

I gave him a death glare to shut up or I would beat you up look. Then again all he has to do is sit on me and the fight would be over. We both laughed the horrors away the best we could.  

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