Friday, October 21, 2016

Blissful Forest

My nerves twist and turn as I sat down in Red Onion Cafee in Joplin MO. My chestnut hair in perfect curls that bounce into my sparkled hazel eyes. My silver dress light up as the bright sun reflected on it. I became a bit sweaty as he took out my galaxy s3 out.

"Do you want your surprise now or later?" Jacob's deep voice asked promptly.

I wouldn't be able to eat properly if I waited any longer. A soft voice said, "Yes."

Jacob in his black tux and slacks while his hair slick back a little; he pushes the play button on my phone. Endlessly by the cab started to echo the cafee as he sang a long with it. Mid way in the song he asked me to stand in front of him. Jacob got on one knee, looked up at my teary eyes, and asked, "Will you marry me?"

My heart pounded in my chest about ready to burst. Of course I agreed upon being with him the rest of my life. His the one person I go to when I'm upset or depressed. He is my support, my best friend, my love, my everything. Jacob had been there since day one and will be with me until I die. Jacob has seen my worse and my best. Jacob has stopped me from ending my own life and has calmed my anxiety. He is my guardian angel sent to care and protect me.

I look over to see my older sister Stephanie, taking pictures and video of the beautiful bliss that just happened. She comes over in casual clothes in tears. My sisters hugs where strong and graceful. She has helped me with my hair, makeup and being the rock that supported Jacob and I. I greatly appreciate what she has done for us and what she plans on doing.

The colors of the wedding will be red and black. I know not your typical wedding but one that fits Jacob and I of who we are. The Theme is Adam's Family where true love between  Gomez and Morticia bloom. It will be in our favorite place in the whole world Glena, MO. Gorgeous place where nature is everywhere you go. Also where Jacob's family lives and will help with the wedding.

Now to tell you guys about my recent update on life! Through hell of fixing the plumming in the house, depression, and being broke I finally and starting to move on in life. A long process of two days and I'm starting classes Monday at EGS! I'm so excited! Finally getting a desk job that pays amazing along with great insurance. I also got to pick my hours and days I wanted to work which never happens in the working industries, but I got super lucky. I worked so hard getting a new job that fit what I wanted; only to get exactly what I wanted. Now classes will be early in the morning which will be difficult for me but I will do my best and work as hard as I can. I have to work hard for not only my sake, but for Jacob's. I have a reliable Ford Fusion car and getting FDS to help pay for gas and food Jacob and I will be able to finally live comfortably. Once I get everything paid off and get myself good credit, then the process of buying the things we want in life. I ready to walk through that door leading to my future.

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