Monday, October 26, 2015

Death's Door

It has been pretty rough lately. Turkey season just started as I was cutting the skin of the turkey. One of the cleaning guys comes up to me asking me what happened to Jacob. My eyebrows narrowed down the man in questioning. My dear friend and co-worker Mary, told me to go, so I went up to the supervisors of Jacob's, asking what happened.

"Jacob was wheel chaired to the nurses office. He was holding his side saying it was hurting." The supervisor spat out.

My heart pounding with each step I rushed to the nurses. Soon enough, Jacob was sitting there grabbing his side and having a tough time taking deep breaths. I helped him to get outside and into his mother's car. That day was so miserable and long. almost a twelve hour shift while my Lovie was at Mercy Hospital in Joplin Mo.

I went home to Jacob to find him okay, but still in slight pain. By that time my back and chest were killing me. The coughing that was just a mild annoyance had become a horse bark every five minutes or so. I had fallen asleep to the tv and pain medicine the doctor had prescribed to me. About five in the morning my chest burned with each breath I took. I  woke up Jacob in a panic and trying my hardest to take in any air I could.

Jacob hugged me while sitting me up. Eventually Jacob calmed me to sleep, only for him to put his finger under my nose to make sure I was still breathing. When waking up for work I could barely manage to speak words without coughing. Jacob told me to stay laying and took my phone. He came back to tell me my dad is on his way to take me to hospital. The thought sent me over board. I freaked out so badly, I started to heave, cough while tears streamed down my cheeks.

Jacob wipes away my tears saying, "Please don't cry. I know its difficult and you're scared but I don't want to see you in pain like this."

Moving around made my muscles cringe. The hospital time took forever while needles had me feel dizzy. Eventually after being there for three hours, they told me I had my throat swollen and Bronchitis. Jacob ended up having sever inflammation between the ribs.

This week has been filled with struggle to get better, how we are going to pay for this stuff, watching Fairytail, and sleeping. It has just been rough for the both of us. We both go back tomorrow to make money. Good thing is our insurance is amazingly good.

My next blog post will be more entertaining and on the positive. I'll be talking about a second trip to Galena, Mo, and Jacob accidently shooting his friends boyfriend in the gut with his bb gun :p Now for me to go eat!

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