Sunday, August 9, 2015

Crown of Thorns

Where do I even start....bad news first. Tuesday night Jacob and I was watching the Divergent movies. Laying down the pain wasn't so bad, but once I stood up to go home it hit me hard. My chest and upper part of my stomach was so tight it hurt to move around. A small drizzle of tears turns into a pour down. Jacob and his mom were very much concern for they insisted I go to the hospital. Fear started to take over as my body starts to shake intensely.

I glace over to Jacob crying out, "I'm scared!"

At this point everything started to hurt. Jacob as gently as he could picks me up and carries me to my fathers white ford truck. Jacob is in the back seat soothing me the best he could. Jacob ended up also carrying me into the hospital. Any time Jacob couldn't be with me made him upset and furious. He would follow me like a lost puppy if they would let him.

After blood was taken, hooking me up to a million wires, and put blood pressure stuff on me, Jacob and my dad was able to come in. Jacob sat down next to me wh
ile taking my hand. Dad had to leave to go pick up my brother from work. The most terrifying part was having to get a shot in the butt cheek. Drawing blood is alright because it doesn't hurt much but putting it in the muscle, I know I wouldn't be able to sit or walk around a bit. Jacob squeezed my hand while trying to my attention on him. It helped a little.

The shot along with the medicines they gave me the chest pain reduced to a three. My butt cheek hurt more and I was exhausted. By 3:30 A.M Jacob and I left in his mom's car. Wednesday late in the afternoon, finally after two hours in doctors office, I found out I have Gastric Disease.....lovely. I basically have to go on a diet. I have to reduce fats and dairy. No spicy food whats so ever. Yesterday Jacob and I went to Walmart and bought a bunch of healthy food for me to eat. This is going to be very difficult for me. I enjoy spicy, fatty, and dairy foods sooo much. Now it's basically harming me in the most painful way ever. Jacob has been helping in saying no to a lot of stuff I really want.

If any one is wondering why did I name the title Crown of Thorns? Well, the plant Crown of Thorns has beautiful flowers on top while the stems have sharp thorns protruding from it. This symbolizes how my life can have those beautiful moments and the difficult times, but still be an extraordinary plant or for me an extraordinary person. Now, for some fun.

Several weekends ago Jacob and I head up to Glena Missouri. Yes, there is a Glena Missouri and no, it's not Glena Kansas. People always ask and get very confused, so I figure I would explain. The reason for heading down there was to visit his family. I'm like an old granny when I drive in areas that have twists and turns or roads I have no clue of familiarity.

Soon as we got there his niece, Hailey, pulls me away and we start to talk. She is a beautiful, talented, young lady. She is fifteen and I already felt welcome as we get excited about all the stuff we have in common. Looking at super hot guy celebrities while discussing stuff we enjoy doing. For the first time I got to meet his Aunt Ellen. She was amazing! eventually we all went to bed because it was getting late and I knew we all would be doing awesome adventures the next day. Neither Jacob nor I could sleep, so we ended up talking and laughing at stuff. Out of no where I felt something at the end of the bed. I freaked out because I wasn't sure what it was. I turn on the light to find out his sleepy seven year old niece had woke up. She wanted to go back to her house which was across the street. Jacob and I walked Maya to her house. In my head I'm
like, "So, this is what I
t is like to have a kid."

The very next day, Hailey, Jacob, and I drove up to Brandson Missouri. Which was just a few miles away from Glena Missouri. All the cars and people made me nervous driving. But hey, First time in enormous city. Helicopters constantly flying ahead, traffic lines for miles, park attractions on both sides, people laughing, screaming, and having good time. All of it was an experience worth having.

The first stop was the Ripley's Believe it or not museum. Everything was so stunning I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Once we found out about this two way mirror we laughed our asses off at ourselves for making faces and others for making faces. You wouldn't know this until you got part way through the museum. What really got us was this spinning tunnel that made us stumble to get to the other side, but us being silly we went through it several times. Finally, we got to the shop they had. Jacob being a butthole he gave me a taser gun and I tasered myself. They ended up laughing as I gave Jacob a glare.

Next, stop was the Ejection Seat! Hailey and I went on it with our breath taken away. At the end of it we got to see how stupid we looked and sounded. I couldn't help but to feel a bit embarrassed. Thirdly, we went to this Go Cart thing and raced each other. That was a bit difficult because I couldn't reach the steering wheel unless I was way up on the seat. That hurt my arms. After that we went and got some ice cream! :)

To cool off the day we headed back to his Ellen's house to put our swimsuits on. We went down the road to the river. Canoed a bit and swam until we felt extremely tired. At this point Jacob's side was really hurting him. We got back to his Aunt's house we ate dinner and set up the tent stuff. The beauty of sleeping under the stars. So gorgeous! Everything felt magical and mysterious.

Sunday I woke up to realize that his Aunt's house is on a cliff which you can see the river below. We headed down in boats to the river that day. The family gathered on a bank on the river. The water was so high we can see the water was engulfing the sign and most of the road. We all took turns tubing, which was most fun thing ever. His niece Maya kept following Jacob and me around. She would hold my hand and ask a millions of questions. I was on one of Jacobs leg and Maya was on the other she ask a question about kissing. Oh gosh! I'm like, "Jacob, this is for you to answer!" Gawd little ones are so cute and I know I would be totally lost if I had my own at first.

Eventually Jacob and I had to leave, but not without all of them feeling sad we were leaving. oh, Jacob's a butthole when it comes to tubing with me because he loves to tip it over and make us land in the water. We all had life jackets on for safety! Figure, let everyone know so they don't freak out. I would love to move there to Glena Missouri and live with nature along with going to the city to have other funs.

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