Saturday, July 18, 2015

Heart Throbbing!

Mine and Jacobs relationship is different. It's hard to explain. Ever been so physically and emotionally attached to one person is as if they are you in a way. What is kind of funny We had several people tell us that Jacob and I look like brother and sister....We both have light brown hair and green color eyes. We also wrestle around and goof off like brothers and sisters I suppose. He is the main person I can trust with my life, with anything. I know he come home to me and give me hug and kiss.

Sometimes seeing others who have been in rocky relationships kind of scares me. Perhaps in my previous relationships they always ended badly, but this one is stronger than ever. If we have a problem we talk about it. If one of us is hurt or upset we try to sooth that by trying to put a smile on each others faces. It's so cute when he cuddles up to me when he falls asleep. His chiseled arm slumped over me while his light snores blow into my ear. I feel safe and secure being near him in any way. I feel as if he is my guardian angel here to protect me from everything.

I use to dream, yes literally dream of this guy always saving me from something. Weather it be from my own emotions or dangers that put my life at risk. Well, I think those dreams may of came true to an extent. I never got to see the guys face, but always felt happy and safe. I'm one lucky girl! Jacob puts up with my crazy ass. I hardly have those harsh put downs like I use to. I'm more confident in anything I do or say.

Sorry if this is so short. I had the urge to write this as well as wanting to distract myself from watching a scary movie....I don't like them much anymore. I rather not have more nightmares. I know that sounds stupid, but for me they can be very real.

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