Sunday, July 12, 2015

Living It up!

I did it!! :) Thursday was my two weeks working at Butterball. There was several people who doubted me and stated, "It's a very difficult job". well duh! Any job can be hard, but you have to live with the fact a job is a job. If you want money and other things in life you need to work for it. Working there isn't that bad, to be honest. I've made a whole bunch of friends and also closer relationship with friends already. Also the fact in working with Jacob is AWESOME! The other day he came up behind me as I was putting stuff in my car, and kisses me. He told me, "now I have kissed you in the rain." There is also these Islanders who are always hitting on me....I'm just glad Jacob didn't see it because he would of gotten into a fight with them. Like This guy who Jacob works with told him my butt looks great....wrong thing to say. Jacob took the knight to his throat and said, "You, said what? That is mine, so stay away" It's cute when Jacob gets jealous.

Now we are looking to buy a house. I went to a real estate woman and my bank to talk to them about buying a house. For a hundred thousand dollar home we be paying around seventy seven dollars a month, but Jacob and I would be looking for a 19,000 or 80,000 dollar home. Both of us have applied for a credit card so we can have good credit. I'm finally getting a lap top. Hell yea! Now once I mentioned how much Big Brother makes we may end up moving to Pittsburg or Parsons Kansas to work with Big Brother. But that would be once we have plenty of money saved. I know the houses in Pittsburg are a bit more expensive. I know I have to be patient in buying a home. It's difficult because I'm very impatient with this stuff.

Fourth of July was amazing! The magic of the pretty colors light up the sky as I cuddle up next to Jacob. I wanted to make a memory of Jacob and I. Something that mean more than a previous relationship I was in, but this means so much more. His family is always crazy and fun to hang out with. We played volley ball, went swimming, they played Frisbee, and we all talked. Good thing is a lot of the young adults there are the people who Jacob and I grew up with. Angy Jefferies comes up to me and says, "Sorry if my mom takes your bf" I know she was trying to start shit. Everyone else was on my side and defended Jacob and I. In my head I'm like, "Ha, Bitch! Ha!" She did date a lot of Jacob's family...including her crazy ass sister who dated him. Which I despise, but oh well.

For all who are Doctor who fans...Go see the new Terminator movie. The 11th doctor is in it!! :) That was a badass movie! Big Brother, Mikayla, and I all watch it last night. Once we got home Big Brother was telling us stories of dad. They were funny! It's been a while sense we all hung out together! It felt nice! Next weekend hoping that I don't work Saturday GIRLS DAY! We are gonna go see Magic Mike 2 and go eat at Cici's! Perhaps go to the mall! Need a girls night!

Life is looking up for me right now. It feels great to be in control of my life and get my goals done! Can't wait to see what the future brings me! Hopefully Jacob puts a ring on it lol in two months it will be a whole year! I've never been so connected and in love with one person.

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