Monday, February 10, 2014

Chapter 2 of The Unknown

Chapter 2
    My heart throbs harshly as Voids near us closer. One of the Void’s stopped in front of me, their hard metallic finger under my chin, and the Void forces me to look into the black glass, we call eyes. I jerked back feeling the urge to club the Void with a bat.
    “If it wasn’t for Miss. Hawnkin, you all would be dead,” the Void remotely spits out.
    “What is that suppose to mean?” Lupin shouts to the Void that just touched me.
    “Shut up inferior species!”
    Lupin groans when I elbow him in the side. Our eyes met for a moment of anger and protectiveness. The Voids froze in their perfect positions. Just as the silence fell over the room the Voids hurried out the front door. Breaths huffed out once the door clicked shut. A large explosion shook the house.
I stood up saying, “We need to leave this place now.”
“For once I agree with you.” Callime replies
Joseph, Lupin, Camille, and I all made eye contact before rushing to our rooms to gather our stuff. What the Void still lingers in my head of why he would say that. I tossed that thought aside to come up with a plan to escape Carthage Missouri. A map of Carthage in hand while I run back into the kitchen.
A big, blue duffel bag bulges as it is being filled with cans of food and non-perishable items. I Smoothed the wrinkles map onto the counter. My hands fumble with opening of the red marker’s cap off. Soon everyone else stands beside me quizzically.
“We need to go undetected from the Voids. The crumbling sewage systems are no longer in use.” I continue saying while marking the path on the map, “We will use the sewages to move quickly and quietly out of this town.”
“Brilliant idea, Sister.”
“Lets hurry up and get out of here.” Camille desperately said.
“We can head to my ancestors reservation as a safety house. Which isn’t too far from our existing point.” Lupin states
We nod at each other.  
“We should wait until the sun goes down. That way the dark will cover us better when we are on the move.” Joseph piped in


The small living room light only came by a flickering flame curdling in the fireplace. It came time to finally make risky steps to our freedom. I grabbed a cup of ice water that was left over from Joseph and poured the rest in the fireplace. The sizzle of the flame going out gave off a weird silence.
Joseph lead us through our squeaky back door with a flashlight in his  right hand. Each of us hunched over so not to be seen by neighbors as we  sneak our way in a beat up drainage pipe about 20 yards behind my house. Camille clenches the back of Joseph’s navy blue sweat shirt.
“This place reeks of death and people’s shit. I think I’m gonna vomit.”
Camille gaged on.
“This is the best way we can get out of the city without being seen by the Void’s so breathe out of your mouth and think of the amazing freedom we will have once we get to Lupin’s reservation.” I pat out.
“ugh! Fine!” Camille grunted.
We trailed down a narrow musky tunnel full of scavenging rodents. Camille sure was right because the aruma was overbearing to the point of wanting to actually puke your guts up. Camille and Joseph trudged in front of Lupin and I who made sure we didn’t slip in the gross sludge.
The wiz of a Void’s patrol cruiser above us stopped us in our tracks. Voices hummed through the tunnels. The lining in these tunnels must be thin, for I know no one has use these sewages for many years. Foot steps thudded louder as it got closer. Soon the ruckus stops; leaving us standing still.
After several turns we made it to the end of the disgusting sewages. The night breeze tingled my skin. Glancing back I could see the victorian homes with a slight glow of the candles and fireplaces illuminating the rooms. The United States is advanced in technology, but for us poor people who normally bunch several families in one house have barely enough of anything to get by. The Black cruisers go down each street slowly watching for any signs of betrayal to the almighty Septimus. I may of not ever seen the cruel bastard, but soon as I do he will pay for all the pain he has caused on us all.
Ahead lay creepy woods ready to engulf any hope with it. The tall trees with a bushy top blanketed the stars and moon out. nocturnal animals screeched their sounds to each other. Foot steps eventually became distinct as time went by. Lupin and I lead the group to our destination.
A dirt road opened up to primrose trees on either side.The flowers cocoon themselves with their rich pink color. At the end of the road stood  a enormous log house. Next to the house was a black barn .
“Here we are guys. My reservation.” Lupin said
“I wasn’t expecting it to be so big.” Camille said in awe.
We advanced to the narrow door cautiously. The anticipation was eating away at me. The comfort of finally getting away from the Void’s was going to explode. Lupin turned the silver door knob; slowly opening the door. A woman with wavy extremely long blonde hair and ocean blue eyes sat on a maroon couch which took up most of the living room. Curtains, two other recliners, and the walls match the couch with the mixer of reds.
Lupin’s eyes went wide of shock. The Woman elegance swiftly went over to Lupin’s side. Her long fingers stroked Lupin’s cheek gently. A prick of jealousy wanted to punch this chick in the face for even thinking about touching Lupin.
Just when Joseph and Camille caught up to us at the door steps I ask rudely, “Who the hell do you think you are touching Lupin?”
“I’m Lupin’s aunt, Aunt Cindy.” She announces to everyone in a strong tone. She continues, “I was expecting you guys to come here searching for security and freedom.”
“How would you know when-” I tried asking, but cut off by Lupin.
“Aunt Cindy was a psychic who died less than a year ago! How the fuck did you stay alive?!”
“Calm down Lupin. We will discuss all of this tomorrow, but for right now all of you should go get some rest. Tomorrow is a very busy day.” Cindy demanded
Lupin was about to protest, but Cindy put one finger up and shook her head no. Cindy is surely being a bitch who is treating Lupin like a child. My glitter a glare at Cindy making sure I don’t trust her. Cindy’s smile twists at the edges of her mouth as Lupin was dragging me down a dark hallway and up stairs. Joseph and Camille waked behind us awkwardly and not sure what they thought of the situation that just happened.
“Joseph, Camille, and Isabella, you guys can each have your own room. I will be sleeping downstairs.”
“Fine with me. I’m beat. Night guys.” Camille chimed in turning left and shutting the door behind her.
“Thank you Lupin, I owe you a lot man.” Joseph said turning right.
“So you decided to sleep downstairs with that bitch. I don’t like her and frankly I don't see myself cooperating with her.”
“I need answers to why she left me thinking she died. I don’t have parents and she was the only person I really got close to besides you guys.”
I started to walk away, “Whatever Lupin.”
Lupin grabs my arm and pulls me to him, “Trust me, Isabella, please.I hate her just as much as you do right now.”
Jerking my arm back and slamming the door on Lupin. I have a nasty temper, but lately it has intensified by a lot. The room held a baby blue taste to it. The ceiling and walls were painted like I was outside. The covers to the queen sized bed were a cute light blue color. Stripping down to my panties and long short sleeve shirt. I snuggled in the slightly cold bed, but once my body heat warmed up the bed quickly.


The darkness seeps into my pores. nesea settled in my stomach. A lump in the back of my throat burned. Cries choked out of my chapped lips. Two Voids have my parents on their knees with their hands tied behind their back. I stand in the door frame peaking through the crack. The white finger pulls the trigger back on a laser gun. Blood splatters everywhere. My dad falls on the ground heavily while my mom seems to be yelling at me. The words don’t reach me. My mom takes the same fate as my dad, but her last words I love you swirls in my head.
A hand grabbed mine, prying me away from my parent's death. I glanced to see Lupin moving me toward a city full of flying cars, big tall buildings, and surrounding the city is a large trench filled with blackish orange water. We stopped in the middle of a large empty bridge with no traffic keeping us away from the city.
“You lost your parents to Septimus’s robots….you're about to lose me to aren’t ya?”
“Lupin, stop fucking talking like that!” I screamed at him wiping tears from my cheeks.
Lupin turns his head at me. His laughter cracked the air. Lupin was crushing my hand with his. Then one strain at a time from the tip of his other fingers, turned into grey ashes flowing into the trench.  I tried regaining his grip of his hand, but nothing was left except the  image of his brown irises twinkling with tears.
“Lupin, where are you!”
I gasp for air gripping on the blanket so hard my fingers were cramping. Sobs rattled my rib cage. A gentle hand was put on my sweaty back. Looking up to see Lupin in his dark blue silk pajamas. His brown eyes searching for me to be okay.
“Your okay. another bad dream?”
I nodded while a sensation of shaking started to take over my body. Lupin must not leave me. Fear of losing him had me so shooken up. I already lost my parents to that monster.
“Please, stay here!” I say in desperation
I pull on his sleeve to gesture him to lay next to me. Lupin curled up next to me pulling him against his chest. The tears dampened Lupin’s shirt a bit as I started to bawl into it. Having him so near fills me with relief that I didn’t lose him. Sleep prevailed again while It took me back under.

Just so you guys know these two chapters I gave to you are just rough drafts :) hope you enjoy.

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