Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Unknown

ABOUT ME, MELISSA SCHOLES: Well I know most of Y'all don't give a shit of who I am, but my face doesn't care about your opinion about me.  I'm a 18 year old female  writer wanting to go to college and get off planet ignorant stupid people. I love my family and friends sooooo much! I'm currently working on a new book called "The Unknown". I also have short stories on if anyone is interested in them. I hope you enjoy my beloved readers :)

The Unknown which is a futuristic science based book. Immortality has gone to the wealthy and Government official's heads...literally. One  scientist in particular has the capacity to change the United States with his twisted ways. Isabella, the main character, is entangled with the doctors grasps. Her left family and friends have to embrace themselves to what is to become of a falling apart country.   

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