Friday, December 20, 2013


Last night bestie and I went to my little sister, Anna's choir concert. To much of our amusement our old choir teacher Miss. Whales had steam blowing out of her ears because a few parents shouted loudly in accordance to their children. After a while I was getting a bit annoyed at how ignorant they were. My niece, bestie, sis, and I all left the school singing Christmas songs and skipping down our road under the starry night sky.

The rest of the night bestie and I explored our ideas about our book. Helping each other to figure out what next steps we shall take in such magnificent books. In do'n so I'm going to have my dad produce a drawing of my hover craft spaceship in chapter 4. My dads drawings that animate the futuristic technology that is ahead of not only his generation but my own.

I know I'm a hobbit, but I sure as hell can't work as an elf because I suck at wrapping presents. My dad had to come in and save the day while bestie laughed her ass off. Thanks for the support of how horribly bad I am! lol

This concludes that freezing weather is coming in my local area and all protocols of a safe house needs to be in place. Have a nice Christmas/New Year my darling readers!   

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